“Like fast moving freight train barreling down the tracks, with its smokestack spewing fire encrusted cinders, churning with sparking steel wheels and howling like an unholy whistle, hold the hell on it’s gonna be a bare knuckle ride. The Blue Mules deliver a distinct style with varied flavors to each song from raw blues to countrified rock, tying it all together like the steam engine stoker shoveling coal into the furnace keeping it full steam ahead. The Blue Mules personify Solid Blues with a Powerful Kick...”
“The Blue Mules have proven that *da' blues* ain't that bad in both vocalization and instrumentation.”
“The Blue Mules are described as a blues band with a foot stomping energy, and a groove and searing guitar tone. For this year’s performance at the festival they will be playing new material they have been working on for their upcoming album release, which they are hoping to have ready for October.”
Simon ArseneauMeridian Booster
“It’s about keeping the energy flowing”: The Blue Mules enjoy making blues fans move
You can delve deep into the history of the blues, you can add political or social commentary to the lyrics, or address gender stereotypes in...

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